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At Cash Security Services we provide banking collections and change delivery services to businesses Australia wide. Our plain clothed security guards are trained to protect your money using the latest technology and strict cash handling procedures to ensure you receive a professional service at affordable prices. We have over twenty year's experience in secure logistics transport and we service some of australia's most well know businesses click here to see. If you take cash payments over the counter and you need a safe secure way to deposit your money in the bank you can trial CSS without locking you into any contracts.

What is cash in transit (CIT) is the physical transfer of banknotes, coins and items of value from one location to another. We provide three types of cash in transit services.

Firstly we provide covert cash banking, where we collect your money and deliver it to the bank. Receipts are provided for all monies collected and bank stamp and teller signature is received as proof of deposit into your account.

The second service is change delivery, where we pickup change from the bank and deliver it to you. To order cash is simple by sending us an email of your breakdown one day prior to delivery, all deliveries are in conjunction with the banking pickup so security will only arrive at your site once.

Another popular option is a cash counting this is whereby we pick up your money count it and deposit to your bank. This is ideal for organizations that do not want their staff handling money and we provide a full report of totals.

It's up to you how often you choose to use us, we can come on scheduled days, or as needed, after hours, weekends, and public holidays.

Who uses our services? We work with all the major banks of Australia such as NAB, Commonwealth bank, CBA, ANZ, and Westpac. Our clients include private businesses, government, financial institutions, and banks, not for profit, fetes, cafe, retailers, car parks, councils, schools, hospitals, hotels, foreign currency agencies, and other entities. Our Mission? To supply outstanding service and provide security solutions through dedication and excellence. We have one single aim, and that is to win you over as a customer for life! We can achieve this by building a strong working relationship and charge you a fair price with which you will be happy with. Click here to view our Certificate of Insurance – Schedule Security Industry.

“Our covert security services are ideal for businesses that do not want to advertise the movements of cash within their organization.”

Do you need more information click here to frequently asked question.

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