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Our cash courier services offer our clients, an affordable way to safely transport their money to the bank.

Online Services!

Customers can order their change online via our website, customers can book or cancel collections.

Is My Money Insured!

Your money is insured from the time our security agent has collected your banking until it has been delivered to your bank. Offering end to end cash protection for up to $200,000

All Banks!

We work with all the Major banks including Credit Unions and FX companies to offering our clients safe delivery.


It up to you what days how often you would like your money collected. 7 days a week 24 x 7

No Lock In Contracts!

We offer no lock in contracts, giving you the option to trial our cash service to see if this works for you.

Plain Clothed Security!

Our plain clothed security guards blend in with the crowd making our cash services safe & affordable way to transport money to the bank.

Our Services

Cash Logistics

we specialise in the secure transportation of your money to the bank. If your business requires daily deposits, the savings in time and travel can easily prove to be quite significant. Moreover you are co-operating with a team of professionals that will provide superior protection and cash logistics insurance for your business.

Coin Processing Services

Cash Security services Coin Processing Cash Management Services also involves coin recognition and reporting procedures which involves sorting, counting, wrapping and coin storage. Cash Security Services will give you processing, storage & reconciliation when processing your coins. Contact us today for more details.

Security Guard Services

Our Security Guards can be used for many applications like if your concerned about protecting your business cash logistics or you have to terminate an employee, or simply need to prevent crime then give us a call. Cash Security Services can organize and discuss the recommended requirements needed to assist with your premises.

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Our Clients

Australia Security Industry Association Limited

Australian security industry association limited bronze member

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What Our Clients Say

Ann Richards (Catholic Archdiocese)

We are pleased with the service we have received from Cash Security they understand our business and we’ve been with them for over 9 years, we told them what we wanted to do and they came up with ways of doing it. Before we were taking money down to the bank ourselves, we realised that we were not insured and that sending our staff to the bank could increase the risk of staff being held up. My advice is to talk to Cash Security about their cash banking services.

Nigel Dennis (Local Government)

Nigel Dennis (Local Government) “We use Cash Security for cash logistics I am very happy with the flexibility and level of services we receive. Our collection times need to be spot on and Cash Security are able to supply us a service we depend on. I have referred Cash Security to businesses friends and associates.”

Donna Matthews (Independent Hotels)

“I have used Cash Security Services since 2006, I am very satisfied with the services they have provided. I can call them anytime to deliver extra change or bank extra money as required. This saves me time and I am able to concentrate on my job instead of having to go to the bank. What I am most impressed about is Cash Security response time when I need extra jobs completed. I recommend you trial their money banking service I feel we get great value for money. I recommend their services to anyone.”

Luke Wilson (National Director) CCTV Australia

“Cash Security has been able to reduce our bank fees, provide faster collections so we have increased cash flow. This has enabled our staff to concentrate 100% on our business and our customers. Cash Security has always provided more than I what I have expected, over the years I have recommended Cash Security to my business network cash banking is fantastic service that value exceed the price charged. Great Guys and fantastic job thank you to the cash security team for going above and beyond for our business and look forward to continue to work with you in the future.”